By donating today you are affording yourself the opportunity to unlimited Zechusim and Merits that Hakadosh Boruch Hu bestows on those who take care of his children when they cannot take care of themselves.

Our Orphans in Our Community are Our Responsibility.

Your monthly contribution will help:

  • Feed Our Children so they don’t feel pangs of hunger.
  • Educate Our Children so they can grow up to be independent, self supporting, and contributing members of our community.
  • Clothe Our Children so they don’t’ feel the shame and embarrassment when they see their friends.
  • Marry Our Children so they can establish Orthodox Jewish homes of their own.
  • Grow Our Children so they can increase the preservation of our Torah and Mesorah.

If you want to mail a check please make checks out to:
Keren Achiezer

and mail to:
Yosef Manela, CPA
6300 Wilshire Blvd.
20th Floor – Suite 2030
Los Angeles, California, 90048

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  • Respectfully, we appreciate that you want to help this family with a one time donation, but we have a responsibility to help these six orphans for the next eight years, a recurring auto debit from your account will help ensure that we can provide for them consistently each month. And unlike with credit cards, the entire donation benefits them.

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    Take a picture of your check and text it to 323-363-3553.

  • CREDIT CARD DONATION CAN ONLY BE MADE TO THE GENERAL FUND. For you contributions to be applied to a particular family please exclusive use the direct debit option above.
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